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This controversial book challenges the accepted theories on the genetic mechanism of evolution. The story these three biologists have to tell may very well upset the whole field of biology. The traditional view of evolutionwhich grew out of the work of Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin and is strongly supported by present-day scientists like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gouldassumes we are at the mercy of our genes, which we inherit largely unchanged from our parents, except for rare random mutations which accumulated and lead to change over evolutionary time. Those genes are coded in the chromosomes of the sperm and egg cells of the parents, and so only changes to those two types of cell have any chance of being passed down to the parents' offspring. Any changes, accidents, or surgery to the rest of the parents bodies are not transmitted to the newborn. The theory of inheritance of acquired characteristicsif you build up your muscles your kids will be born with a propensity toward great strengthon the other hand, favored by Jean Lamarck in the nineteenth-century, was brought down by nineteenth-century science.


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