Mythology of the World

Author(s): Neil Philip

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Mythology of the World is a superb guide to the history of mythology in many different countries. From the ancient Greeks to the Aztecs, people across the world have created a rich tapestry of stories, characters and beliefs to explain the mysteries of creation, and the forces of nature and death. Mythology of the World examines ancient and contemporary cultures, and explores their unique myths and legends. Engrossing re-tellings of some of the myths add another element to this fascinating book. The highly visual approach - using beautiful photographs and detailed illustrations from renowned artist Nikki Palin - carries every myth across centuries to today's reader.


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Neil Philip is a writer and folklorist with a particular interest in mythology and storytelling. After studying English at Oxford, he took his Ph.D at the University of London with a thesis on myth and folklore in children's literature. His first book was a critical study of the children's writer Alan Garner (A Fine Anger, 1981), and this has been followed by works of social history, scholarly studies of the folktale, poetry anthologies and original poetry. He is the author of numerous books for children, including the novel The Tale of Sir Gawain (1987), many collections of folk and fairy tales, such as The Complete Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault (1993) and Celtic Fairy Tales (1999), and a survey of fairy lore, The Little People (2002). While he was at school, his headmaster told his parents "Neil is myth mad", and this 'madness' has manifested itself in a string of books on world mythology. His mythology titles include The Adventures of Odysseus (1996), Odin's Family: Myths of the Vikings (1996), Eyewitness Mythology (1999), Myths and Legends, and The Great Mystery: Myths of Native America (2001). Neil Philip has also published a great number of reviews, essays and articles, and written for stage, screen and radio. He is married and lives in the Cotswolds, England. The illustrator Nicki Palin has exhibited her artwork in Liverpool, Stratford and London. Her work has also been shortlisted for the Mother Goose Award and the Kate Greenaway Medal. Nicki lives with her partner, dogs, chickens and budgies in Norfolk. She once shared her home with a Bronze Age sacrificial victim who was discovered in the garden.

1-5 Prelims; 8-9 Introduction; 10-11 Chapter One: What are myths? (World Map); 12-13 What are myths? 14-15 Myth and culture; 16-17 Myth and spirituality; 18-19 Myth and society; 20-21 Myth and geography; 22-23 Myth and the stars; 24-25 The meaning of myths; 26-27 Chapter Two: Europe (Map Of Europe); 28-29 Prehistoric Europe: gods and goddesses; 30-31 Crete: birthplace of Zeus; 32-33 Crete: the Minotaur; 34-35 Greece: the Olympian gods; 36-37 Greece: Athene; 38-39 Greece: Demeter; 40-41 Greece: Apollo; 42-43 Greece: Trojan War; 44-45 Rome: Romulus and Remus; 46-47 Rome: Vesta; 48-49 Rome: Flora; 50-51 Rome: Cybele; 52-53 Celtic myths; 54-55 Vikings: the creation; 56-57 Vikings: the Aesir and the Vanir; 58-59 Vikings: the world tree; 60-61 Vikings: the twilight of the gods; 62-63 Slavonic myths; 64-65 Finland: Vainamoinen; 66-67 Chapter Three: Asia (Map Of Asia); 68-69 Mesopotamia: Innana; 70-71 Mesopotamia: Marduk; 72-73 Mesopotamia: Gilgamesh; 74-75 India: Brahma; 76-77 India: Ganga; 78-79 India: Ramayana; 80-81 India: origin of the clouds and stars; 82-83 India: the first house; 84-85 Thai myths; 86-87 Malaysian myths; 88-89 Japan: Izanami and Izanagi; 90-91 Japan: Amaterasu; 92-93 Japan: mountain gods; 94-95 Japan: Bear-god; 96-97 China: dragon myths; 98-99 Chinese myths; 100-101 Siberian myths; 102-103 Chapter Four: America (Map Of America); 104-105 Inuit myths; 106-107 Northwest coast: Nuxalk Nation myths; 108-109 Californian myths; 110-111 Plains: Pawnee myths; 112-113 Southwest: Navajo myths; 114-115 Mexico: Popol Vuh; 116-117 Mexico: Quetzalcoatl; 118-119 Mexico: Tzotizil; 120-121 Peru: Viracocha; 122-123 South America: Warao myths; 124-125 South America: Yamana myths; 126-127 Chapter Five: Oceania/Australia (Map Of Oceania); 128-129 Polynesia: Pele; 130-131 Rapa Nui (Easter Island): Makemake; 132-133 Melanesia: the work of the gods; 134-135 Australia: Dreaming; 136-137 Australia: the making of fire; 138-139 Chapter Six: Africa (Map Of Africa); 140-141 Egypt: Hapy; 142-143 Egypt: Amun-Ra; 144-145 Egypt: Osiris; 146-147 Kalahari desert: the Kaggen; 148-149 West Africa: Mawu-Lisa; 150-153 Directory Of Gods And Goddesses; 154-155 Glossary; 156-159 Index; 160 Acknowledgements

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